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Testimonials 9

I had my tummy tuck done 19 Dec. 2003 and it all went well. I stayed in the hospital 6 days, one day extra to be with my friend. My hotel accommodations were great. I was in good shape when I had my surgery and that was a plus. My surgery was 2 hrs on the 19th. I flew back to Japan on the 28th of Dec. and just rested. I am a little fast, and should have rested more, but thank God I didn't get an infection. I basically did everything I was supposed to do. I took my meds and wore my stomach brace and didn't climb the steps. Presently, I feel great and look great. I will return one day to get Lipo on both sides of my waist. My waist size decrease! d and I feel great. I exercise 3-4 times weekly. I watch what I eat, but eat what I desire.
The only thing I suggest to you is talk with Dr. Pichet about medical concerns. What works for my body, may not work for you. It was painful, but I can bear a lot of pain. I bounced back very quickly. I think partly, is because I was in good physical shape before the surgery. My blood pressure was a little elevated for a few days, but that finally got okay.

I hope I cleared a little bit up. One will have to make their own decision about the surgery. I cannot tell you certain things, because YOU will have to experience those things... I was totally impressed with the care I received. We are still in email/phone contact with Dr. Pichet and his staff. So, you make up your mind by yourself. When you have major surgery, it is good to not have "hang ups". I was alone, my husband stayed in Japan. However, Dr. Pichet kept him abreasted of the entire procedure and of my care. I did the surgery and trusted God will watch over me. I did what I wanted to do, not for anyone else.

Take care and God Bless

Dr. Perry

Face lift surgery with Dr.Pichet MD

Dear Dr.Pichet and Staff

"I would like to thank you for the total facelift surgery you did to me.
> It gave me more confidence and change my outlook in life. I send you some
> > pictures in case you might like to use it, with my approval.
> Anyway. I want to do tummy tuck the next time. It
> was wonderful being with your staff who were very concerned about us the
> > patients. I thank Mrs. Mao for taking good care of my needs as well as
> your driver, Lek and Ying?. You have a very good staff. I wish you would
> continue this. I will visit Bangkok in July with some friends and I'll see
> you sometime at that time. Thank you very much.
> Teresita from Japan

Breast enlargment with Dr.Pichet

> 22 April,2004 Bangkok Thailand
> This is shortly how I look back on my experience and surgery by Dr Pichet
> Hi, I first of all want to thank you Dr. Pichet, Mao, Hai they really take
care of you the best way. And all other wonderful staff that took good care
of me there in thailand where I did breast enlargement 22 april 2004. I have
no complains to the doctor or any of his staff at the clinic or at the
hospital (I really enjoyed my stay at the hospital) the nurses was very kind
and helped you with everything that you would need help with and the food
was great, I was lucky to have my boyfriend with me the whole time aswell
he really helped me through some hard moments and I would suggest that you
should bring someone with you if you are planning to do surgery because you
will feel much better with someone close by your side when you wake up from
the surgery. I just honestly want to say that it takes time for you to be
your normal you again after the surgery and it is VERY painful if I would
say something else I would lie and one more thing: you probably will feel
depressed and some of you might not like the result at first but hang in
there the mood swings will go away as fast that they came. (That was how I
reacted when I first took a really good look at them - My breasts looked
"huge" because of the swelling, and the bruises looked ugly so I cried few
times actually and wanted to take them out, the feeling that you cant do
much things on your own is not that fun either but it will go away.. and I
guess that is something that belong to the surgery and time of heeling --
now 2 weeks after the swelling is going down and they are beginning to
settle and firm around my own breast. Im just HAPPY I finally did it and the
result is VERY good. Thanks again Dr Pichet! - Thanks for helping me reach
my dream and get bigger boobies. After 1 week you start to feel that things
are going to be just great. And after 2 weeks you will see a huge diffrence
in the shape and the swelling will go down the bruises will be totally gone,
but you still will feel numbed and maybe need to use painkillers. The scars
are healing little by little for each day but everything I have said here in
this letter is how I
felt and reacted to the time after surgery -- I think these things are very
individual though as all of us are diffrent people and our bodies will not
heal just like that after this kind of surgery. It probably take many months
before you will get the result the way your breast will look like. But I'm
pleased already 2 weeks after so it can just be better and better. And I
went from a A to a D I putted in (470CC) so it will take time for the skin
to adjust and be softer but all in all --- Now I look much better in clothes
and my self esteem is also getting better for each day that passes and I
cant wait until the summer will arrive in sweden and I can wear all new
clothes I bought down there and show my new me!! I truly feel like a whole
new person and I would really recommend Dr Pichet to any of you that want to
do surgery in thailand. He is a very good surgeon!
> Thanks and Good Luck to you All
> Sincerely Weronica from Sweden


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