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Testimonials 8
Lynn Balmes

My daughter, Renee, has written you a letter of appreciation and thanks and has asked me to pass it on to you. Allow me to preface her letter by saying that I have had three surgeries with you, 2002-2004, and yes, I have not been the easiest patient, but we both survived and am so much better off because of your kindness, patience, and skill. I am not finished with what I need to surigically accomplish, but I can't think of anyone else I would go to except you. You are my doctor and always will be. In three trips to Bangkok I have watched you change. I have observed over the years since my SRS in October 2002, that your mind is always open to new ideas and techniques, and you just keeep getting better. As I have talked to many of the other patients, what I hear from them, is gratittude and heart felt thanks to the doctor who has changed their lives, in the same manner as you have changed mine. Your concern for your patients and wanting to offer them the best you have is always there in your smile and in your gifted hands, The letter from Renee is her idea and in her words. Thank you. Lynn

Dr. Pichet:

I had the pleasure of going to Thailand with my father, who is now Miss Lynn Balmes, a transgender for 8 years now. She has gone through SRS, chin, nose, eyes, adams apple, and breast augmentation. All the surgeries perfomed on Lynn were done by Dr. Pichet in Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Pichet was a wonderful host while we were in his country of Thailand. This was my first trip to Bangkok, I was nervous at first about Lynn's breast surgery. She decided on 430 cc of silicon jel, which went under the muscle tissue through her armpit. Dr. Pichet did an amazing job, Lynn was up and going after three days. The Doctor and his nursing staff made Lynn and I feel right at home. Dr. Pichet was even gracious enough to give two free tours during our stay.

The culture of Thailand is verybeautiful and unique, the Thai People are very kind, helpful and friendly.

Dr. Pichet's knowledge of TG's with PTSD was a great comfort.

As a daaughter of a Vietnam Veteran, who struggles with PTSD and the hardships of being accepted in society as a transgender, and I would recommend Dr. Pichet for those who need surgery and want a doctor of great skill and knowledge, plus gentle kindness that makes your stay in Thailand a nice adventure. Miss Lynn is doing just fine, and is very proud of her new size D breasts.

Thank you Dr. Pichet for giving Lynn a new identity she can be proud of. To see her happy makes me happy

Many thanks to Dr.Pichet and his nursing staff.

Renee Jackson, daughter of Lynn Balmes

Amanda Silvestri

Dr. Pichet

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting with you the other day.  You were most generous with your time.  I have mentioned to several of my clients the vaginal depth that I observed during the examinations of your patients.  I have also mentioned the excellent facial work you performed on the client from Texas.  I hope that your practice continues to be successful.


Amanda Silvestri, MA"P
Los Angeles Gender Center.

Maria from US base in Japan
   It's been 3 weeks since surgery and i\'ve been really please with everything. I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent service and hospitality you and your staff provided me and my friends (Elma and Joanne) both in hospital and hotel. I want to specially thank Ms Mao, Ying, Mr Hai for their time and service! I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family. I am very happy with the results, as they say \"I GOT MY MONEY\'S WORHT!\" Thank you again and I wish you and your staff the best!
Maria from US base in Japan

My name is Amie

True experience with Dr.Pichet ,

My name is Amie and I am from Indiana U.S.A .

I came to you with a situation I was not sure what to do about and you assured me you could help me and YOU certainly have !

I came to see you with my Mom and we were treated like Queens ! with the best care and love I have ever been presented with in my life of 39 years . NOWHERE could I have found this wonderful care and respect .

I was refereed to Dr. Pichet for my needs by some local people who heard of his practice .

When I contacted the Dr. he replied within 24 hours to me !Upon arrival in Bangkok

I was greeted by a limo service to take me to my hotel which Dr Pichet had arranged for me to stay in . It was a very nice ,clean and comfortable room . Compared to the states I call it staying in the Hilt :)

The following morning I was greeted by Dr. Pichet and a member of his staff in my room after I had rested from my trip . He was very polite and concerned as he explained all of the details and my options to me . Later that after noon we were taken to the hospital (general hospital ) which is a private hospital where I was greeted and prepped for my procedure . I was NOT left alone at any time by a member of his staff ! All of my fears were put aside while I waited my time .

Once the testing was completed I was taken to OR and one of the nurses held my hand to make me feel secure the entire waiting time until I was put under . When I woke up I was sore as expected but found a smiling face right next to me , a nurse of his staff who had stayed with me the entire time and continued to stay with me for the next day ! I was taken to the Dr. office daily by safe and reliable taxi service where the Dr. examined me and made sure everything was healing . During> the stay in the hotel room service was excellent and American food is available to you . The Dr. makes sure of this .

I am very pleased with the out come of the surgery and followed his instructions very closely ! My body has healed and I am very very content with all of the results from Dr Pichet . If I had to do this over I would certainly request for Dr. Pichet's services !

I can't say enough good things for the Dr and his staff !IN closing  If anyone would like to contact me with further information on my experience please feel free as I will do my best to answer any questions like I had and couldn't find answers to before I went to Bangkok ! It was sincerely the right choice to make this journey to Bangkok,Thailand ! I consider Dr.Pichet and all of his staff my family for the rest of my life here on this earth ! He is truly a wonderful and loving Dr. !!!! Amie

Joan, Amie's mama

Dear Dr.Pichet
> We are home. Very long trip, tired. The
> trip was worth it though.
> Want to Thank you and wife and staff for
> everything,
> We were treated like Queens and enjoyed
> ourselves.
> Thankyou again for such good care of Amie
> , We did not want to leave. Will miss all
> of you so much, we love you all.
> very good Dr. and so kind.
> Please tell all we got home, Thankyou.
> You are special in my heart and in my
> prayers
> Joan, Amie's mama

I wanted to let you know i am home . it was a long ride ! Thank you for
> everything , your too good to momma and I . !! I wil miss you all verey
> much ! Tell Mr Hi thank you for treating us so well too . I wil write
> more later after I rest . Love amie

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