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Testimonials 6
Ingrid from USA

Dear Dr. Pichet,

      Khawp khun kha!(thank you very much) I really mean that. It has been over two years since my surgery and I am doing fine.
      I miss Thailand more than I thought I ever would admit to, but I really hope to come back and maybe work as a photographer there.
      I miss you and your staff, the care you gave me was much more than I expected. I am happy to be able to say that I know you.
      I have told many people about you and hope that you are doing well.
Again, Khawp khun kha.....

Faak kwaam khit thueng khun kha,( Miss you all )

Ingrid from USA

Jacquelyn from USA

Once upon a time in Bangkok

      I just completed my surgery with Dr. Pichet on November 23, 2003. I am very pleased with the attention that Dr. Pichet's staff and Dr. Pichet gave me. The surgery was a difficult one for Dr. Pichet as I had little penile tissue to use and little scrotal tissue to use. In addition I am overweight which added complications. Dr. Pichet used in addition to my scrotal and penile tissues a skin graft from my tummy to create a neo vagina of 5 inch depth. The after care that Pichet and his staff have provided has been excellent. Any concerns I have had have been addressed immediately. I am now well on the the way to recovery. Dr Pichet also did a bilateral mamioplasty. I had one failed implant that left much scar tissue for Dr.Pichet to deal with to complicate the breast augmentation surgery. But again Dr Pichet's surgery was excellent andI am well pleased.

      I am here with 3 other t girls and the mutual support we give each other is wonderful. Yesterday we went shopping which the Dr arranged. Sunday I went to view the Grand Palace and wat Pho temple ,Thursday we are going to the old capital city. So Dr.Pichet not only takes care of our physical needs but our emotional needs as well.I am a very hard person to please and I can only sing the praises of Dr Pichet and his staff.

Jacquelyn from USA


Allie (U.S.A.)


A testimonial of my experiance with Dr. Pichet et. al.

      I am a 58 yr. old mtf transsexual. I contacted Dr. Pichet in early Sept. '03. He responded very quickly ( He personally checks his e-mail every day, as many as 35 or more!) I asked for 10/10/03 and he agreed (I had passport, documentation from psycholgist,etc.)I arrived 10/9/03 at 11:50 p.m. He had a car and driver for me as promised to take me to the hotel ( very nice) I had a note to call Mrs. Mao who cheerfully instructed me as to take the swiff laxative that was waiting for me in my room. By 6:00 a.m. I greeted the new day thoroughly cleaned out looking forward to meeting Dr. Pichet at 9:00a.m. He doesn't paint any "rosy pictures", he gives you his honest opinion and assessment. I appreciated this very much. After interview and signing of many forms we were off to the hospital and finally after all these years to become the woman I've always wanted to be. Vibhavadi General Hospital is a very nice, clean, modern facility. The staff is very professional and friendly. The anesthesiologist was great, she gave me an epidural and then general. My throat was neither sore nor did I aspirate even though intubated for many hours. I was in hospital for 4 days and had one of his assistants with me 24/7 'til I was discharged. Back to the clinic to get my luggage and check back in to the hotel. There I had an assistant a couple of rooms away from me (Ying)who was with Perri for the "duration". I went to the clinic every day, at 9:00 every a.m. I was met and taken there to be cleaned and dilate.Tak was usually there for me and she would read from a novel I had and I would help her with her pronunciation. She called me "teacher", she has an excellent command of English. they fed me everyday and truly treated me as family, I can't emphasize this enough! In short money cannot buy the treatment and care you get from Dr. Pichet.I would recommend my own family. Friends or anyone else to Dr. Pichet's care and expertise. To Dr. Pichet, his wife and staff thank you so very much. I will be in touch.

love Allie (U.S.A.)

Joanne from USA

  My first trip to Thailand for waist reduction and hair transplant. The trip to Bangkok took 33 hours (house to motel). Bangkok time is 12 hours ahead of Dayton. A limo picked me at the airport, drove me to the motel, a call was placed to the doctor's staff (2am), and I was told I would be picked up at 9 am to meet the doctor. Registration for my room was already prepared so all I had to do was let them take an imprint of my credit card. I went up and soaked in the tub for a while an got a few hours sleep.

      At 9am a staff member picked me up. The Doctor went over the procedures, had me sign a ton of forms, looked me over and reviewed some medical data.The staff then took me off to the hospital. Admittance was all preparedahead, so I just had to go from room to room to have blood work, EKG etc performed. Took all of 20 minutes, no waiting anywhere.

 The hospital is old, not like modern American facilities, like something out of the sixties. The beds have to be hand cranked, no big rack of electronic equipment to monitor you in your room, maybe it exists on other floors. The surgery room seemed to be about the same as the outpatient center where my brow lift was just done.

    But the doctor's and hospital staff is what makes it unique. Anywhere from 1-3 nurses are constantly checking to see if you need anything, as well as your vital signs. They hold your hand and rub your arms or shoulders to re-assure you. They are always pleasant and smiling. I felt safe
and never experienced any fear of what might happen during surgery.

     The surgery on the first day took 2 hours to do the waist reduction liposuction and take the hair graft from the back of my head. A spinal block was used. I awoke in my room with one of the Doctor's staff holding my hand.

    The second day was rough. The surgery lasted 3.5 hours (I watched the clock tick ever so slowly), under local anesthesia, while 3 people inserted 2000 single hairs. If I was to do this again I would pay extra to have it done under general anesthesia. That night, one of the Doctors staff members was assign to spend the night in the room with me. It seems the first night I got out of bed several times, would walk around the room for a while and then get back into bed. I have no remembrance of this.The hospital had called the Doctor during the night to let him know what I was doing. So someone was assigned to watch over me to insure I did not hurt myself. I did wake up about 2am in pain and sat up. Within a couple of minutes Ying was up and asking me if I hurt and had the night nurse in to give me a shot of pain medicine.

     My release from the hospital was delayed until mid afternoon. During the early morning I had registered a slight fever and until they where positive I was not getting an infection I was held there.

     Each day a staff member picks me up at the motel and takes me to the clinic to clean my scalp. We are all encouraged to come to the clinic to rest or use the computer. The idea is to help us not feel alone or fell stuck in our rooms.

      Twice a day staff members go to the other girl's room to clean and dilate them. I have read were some doctors do the bottom surgery, teach the person how to clean and dilate, and then pretty much leave them on their own. These girls will not be allowed to do it themselves until they have healed sufficiently. I think I like this approach best.

      There are 3 other girls here from the US that have just had their bottom surgery. A Russian immigrant from Chicago, one from Salt Lake City and one from West Virginia. So now Jacquin, Dominique and myself get together every morning for breakfast and dinner and talk for hours. They are both very pleased with their surgery, how they are treated and the results. Tomorrow we hope that all three of us will be permitted to go to the mall and try a little shopping. Unfortunately the Russian girl stays by herself, but she did have breakfast with us this morning.

      The motel rooms are small, but clean and modern. Food is cheap and very good. A full dinner buffet is only $5 US. The room rate includes the breakfast buffet.

      Bangkok is not the prettiest place I have ever been but the people are the best: friendly, polite and caring. We are treated with dignity by everyone. The motel staff always treat each of us as ladies, and right now I pretty much look like a Cro-Magnon man that has been in a fight and lost (I also had 19 hours of blend electrolysis over a 2 week time span before leaving Dayton).

      As to the Doctor and his staff, they are just wonderful. It is like you have been adopted into a big caring, gentle and loving family. They are constantly checking on you and seeing if there is anything you need. Even when you think you don't need anything they bring you water or something to eat to keep your strength up while you are at the clinic. I was told not to worry about anything, and everything is always taken care of or arranged. It is nice not to have to worry. They are available at all hours if we need anything.

      This trip has served its purpose, I have completed 2 more small surgeries on my transition journey, I am comfortable with coming to Thailand for my SRS. With first hand knowledge my uncertainty about SRS and which SRS surgeon has ended. I have made two new girlfriends who are elated with their new bodies and we all are healing nicely. In less then 9 months I plan to come back to Bangkok (assuming a couple of other doctor's concurrence) for a longer stay and again put my trust in the hands of Dr Pichet and his staff.

Joanne from USA


Dr. Nettie Perry Adams

Dr. Pichet,

      This is your patient, Dr. Nettie Perry Adams, age 55 desiring to say to you "A Job Well done". My Abdominal Plasty surgical procedure went extremely well. Again, thanks to you and the staff at this General Hospital.

      Please continue to be the warm, wonderful, dynamic and caring person that you are. My husband, Ben also wish you and your family the Best and thanks to you for making his wife surgery a success.

      There was an awful amount of "trust" rendered on ALL our parts, because your staff didn't't know me, and vise versa. Again, thanks to you ALL. I would also like to give kudos to the hospital staff, the clinic, and a special warm thank you to Ying (Dr. Pichet's staff); Ms. Mao (Dr. Pichet's staff) and Kong (Hospital staff). Each and everyone was so very accommodating.

Well, take care and I wish you and your family a great year 2004.


Dr. Perry


Jame from Canada

Dr.Pichet ,Family and Staff

      First,I would like to thank you for you making my stay here such an experience. You and your staff were more than that I cannot thank you enough for.My surgeries are on their way to making a great recovery.If I plan to have any further surgeries,you definitely will be my doctor.This place is truely amazing ,Bangkok is such an eye opener!!There is everthing and anything for a person to want ,see ,or do . From the time I arrived here you saw to it with your two drivers that I enjoyed my stay here ,and that I got to experience Bangkok and all it has to offer. The drivers are a very great benefit of having surgery with you here.The hotel is a good hotel with a great staff who make a quick recovery possible.When I return home ,I will be staying in touch to update.
You on my recovery, and to stay in touch as friends.I will miss all of you,and thank you again.Well wish me best in the redcuction of my swelling.

Your freind,
Jame from Canada


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