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Testimonials 5
SRS experience for Roberta in Bangkok with Dr.Pichet

I am writing this letter June 01, 2003, three months after my surgery that took place on March 01, 2003.

After examining all of the popular SRS surgeon websites and any other information I could gather on them I settled upon Dr Pichet Rodchareon of Bangkok, Thailand to perform both my M to F SRS and breast augmentation.

I communicated with Dr. Pichet before my surgery exclusively by email. Dr. Pichet responded promptly to all of my email inquiries. I finally settled on March 01, 2003 for my surgery.

Once getting my surgery date, I purchased a roundtrip ticket on travelocity.com for $689.00. I recommend using the travelocity website flight cost calculator. If you are flexible as to when you can leave and arrive you to can get a great deal.

Upon arriving at the Bangkok airport and clearing customs and immigration Dr. Pichet had a Mercedes Taxi waiting for me. The taxi took me to the Watana Hotel (a great rate at $11.00 a night) where I spent the night. The next morning Mao, one of Dr. Pichet's assistants, arrived at the hotel to bring me to the clinic.

When arriving at the clinic, I met Dr. Pichet, a friendly man and we discussed my plans for SRS and BA I asked several questions and I he gave clear and up front answers and an honest assessment as to what result I could expect. I then inquired about the appropriate size my breast implants should be. We agreed that 415ml implant would be appropriate for my body size. About an hour later, Dr. Pichet confirmed that my surgery would take place later that night at about 6pm at the General Hospital in Bangkok.

After my pre surgery examination and preparation at This General Hospital, I was taken to the operating room. I was a bit nervous before the surgery but Dr. Pichet and his surgery staff eased my apprehension. Before I know it, I was under the anesthesia, operated on, and awoken just as I was being wheeled back to my room. My surgery went off without a hitch.

The next morning and for the next 3 days I stayed at the General Hospital. I stayed in a private room and received around the clock care by the hospital's attentive nursing staff. I left the hospital during the afternoon of my third day and was driven to the Wantana Hotel by Dr. Pichet's staff.

For the next couple of weeks I recovered at my hotel. I received at least two visits a day from Dr. Pichet's staff in order to clean and dress my surgical wound. During these visits Dr. Pichet's assistants always brought me food and cold Pepsi. In addition to these visits I would receive visits from Dr. Pichet himself to check up on me. During my stay at the hotel Dr. Pichet arranged a couple of Bangkok city tours for me and invited my over to his clinic to watch cable TV. Overall, Dr. Pichet and his staff were great and made my stay in Bangkok very comfortable and stress free.

After getting back home to Massachusetts, I took some time off to recover. My healing took place without incident. I experienced slight pain for the first 30 days but it disappeared. Cosmetically the appearance of my vagina is convincing and I am able to urinate in a steady stream with no problem. During this year, I consulted with my internist who deals with many transgendered patients at McClean Hospital in Belmont Massachusetts. He examined my vagina and indicated to me that in his professional opinion my vagina was appropriately constructed, that it had a reasonably convincing appearance and that it was a very satisfactory result.

I plan on have sigmoid colon-cut surgery with Dr. Pichet at the end of the year. I look forward to seeing Dr. Pichet and his staff again. I trust him without hesitation and recommend him unreservedly for M-F SRS and breast augmentation.

Patient Testimonial Paul

July 2003
Dr. Pichet,

Just a note to say a big thank you to all your staff and yourself for the Surgery I had in Thailand. Being a westerner and not being very familiar with Asia, I was quickly made to feel at home by your friendly and hardworking nurses.

The hospital was of a very high standard and I was very pleased with the accommodation (Royal Orchid Hotel) which was excellent value for money and very luxurious.

As for the treatment I had, the hair-transplant went a lot more smoothly than I imagined and I am very pleased with the results and the ease of aftercare. The chin augmentation now looks great (after only one week) and I have also been pleased with the Liposuction to my chest, waist and abdomen.

In short, the past 9 days have been as comfortable as they could have been and I have been very well looked after both medically and as a human being (one of your nurses kindly stayed with me all night after the operation). The results of the surgery are already better than I imagined and was definitely less painful than I thought (thank goodness!)

Finally, once more, a big thank you to your staff and of course, yourself. The fees you charge are very moderate and great value for money; should I need any more treatments, I will be delighted to be one of your patients once more.

Best wishes


Abdominoplasty c Beth

Hello Dear Dr Pichet
> I am doing well and wanted to keep in
> touch. Im now 240 Lbs. When I arrived home I was 270 Lbs due to swelling.
> The swelling goes down a little every day. I feel better each day as well.
> Im moveing more walking more. I went to the market yesterday for the first
> time to do my shopping. Its great to feel almost normal. Im cooking but
> still need help with house work I tire easily. I take tylenols for
> discomfort. I feel not pain but tightness and soarness in my belly other
> then that Im OK. My scar is healing well its all dry and pink color no sign
> of infection. Tim takes very good care of me and my children. He tells me to
> take a nap every day and tells me to use my breathing machine. When I heal I
> will send you a photo. I miss you and all the friends I made while I was
> there. Everyone was so wonderful to me so kind and careing. I cant thank you
> enough.
> Take Care and tell every one I
> said Hello.
> Your Friend Beth


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