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Testimonials 4

SRS experience story about Ms.Tamara in Bangkok with Dr.Pichet
I may not be the worst patient known to mankind but certainly I am in the running. On arrival at Bangkok Airport. I glided throuth customs with just a smile. So quick was I at the airports exit that I also slide Right past the people sent to pick me up. (They might have blinked.)? So I get to the end of the welcoming crowd and I see, 2 more Transgender females next to who I assume is a driver. She was sent To pick up three girls so I fit right into her plans. I had mentioned Dr. Pichet serveral times to be sure but They acted as if I was speaking another language. (Joke) Upon arrival at a very nice facility, a kind of nursing home I think ? I was treated with the utmost kindness and respect. At 2 a.m. all I wanted was a shower and a bed. That , they could offer. So all this night and later into the morning, Dr. Pichet' people were calling airlines and searching. The next morning, when I awoke at an early time of 10.30 . The other 2 girls were already up. They encouraged me to accompany to their appointment., We arrived at a different Doctor's office. Now I had another pretty good hint that I wasn't actually in the place. I should be. They immediately contacted Dr. Pichet. It was a nice office and in sure this Doctor is a wonderful surgeon and I felt only respect and care (and the little bit of excitement caused by me).

In retrospect I caused this and I have to take full credit or blame. Dr. Pichet's people came and saved me. I was treated as if I had been through a giant ordeal. It was my fault. (Dr. Pichet even paid the bill For me at the nursing home). Every one except me acted professionally. I felt only compassion and heart felt caring from everyone. I loved the arrival I received. Several young ladies tended to me every second. I was pampered beyond

What that word implies. Genuine concern was expressed and again, They never blamed me for the excitement I caused (a couple of them were up all night I think trying to track me down). Slowly and with every effort to make me comfortable, the necessary procedures were carried out.
I had been trying to quit smoking but this was the second time I was to quit. I arrived with a severe case of bronchitis and still was smoking. Dr. Pichet is and ex smoker himself so he knows what anguish it is to Quit .

From this point on ward, throughout my stay I had a young lady, a professional guardean angel, Ying, by My side every minute until after I left the hospital. We went to the hospital, an impressive building, Not Unlike any good hospital back in the states except just one thing. I was glided from test to test to be Sure (absolutely sure) I was a viable condidate for surgery. I had blood tests, chest x-ray, a physical checkup and more. This all would haven to take at least a few hours to arrange in the hospitals I have stayed in the states.

But this was all done in just the time it took to walk from place to place and the time the tests took. I
Was later seen by a pulmonologist, given nebulizer treatments and antibiotics and isolated from doing
Further damage to my lungs by simply encouraging me to not smoke just now. (Dr. Pichet had urged me

To quit before I left the states).
Long story short, I was treated by the Pulmonologist, Dr. Pichet and several nurses. You know, it just occurs to me that I was treated as if I was the only patient these people had. I never interacted
With another patient so I can't swear that there were any others there. Genuine concern, competent
Care, ( no, much more than competant). I was treated like a long lost soul at sea returning home. I can't
Say enough about the attention I was given. Through all this, my guardian angel was nearby and wanted only to answer my needs.
Have you guessed by now that I am one of those patients that just knows her doctor is the best GID
Doctor in the world. But as good as others probably are, I just really do know that with certainly. I am
Of course biased now because I was given the greatest gift ever bestowed but I look in the mirror and I
See what I feel. But more about that later it's so cool.!
Through constant attention and several visits by both Dr. Pichet and the pulmonologist my bronchitis was again under control and I was finally ready for surgery.
By now, I think I must have set the doctor's surgery schedule back at least a day or two. But it was never
Mentioned and Dr. Pichet absorbed all the costs of all the doctors visits and medications as well as my first days stay elsewhere. It never became an issue. I'am sure the profit margin is shrinking as I write
This (and I am now out of the hospital and in a wonderful hotel he picked for me that costs all of 22 dollars a night and Ying is lying on the other bed writing her own letter to someone.

This is the point that I fell asleep last night. I hope you are not having that problem.
Surgery and a couple of days after are kind of a blur to me but I will tell you what I can remember. Ying,never having left my side, helped wheel me into the operating room. Lots of people were busily doing their jobs. The operating room was a little bigger than ones I 've been in before. I saw Ying and Dr.Pichet and , fell asleep.When I came out of surgery,only one impression was stamped on my memory. Someone held up a little bag and asked if I wanted to see the extra pieces that were removed.I really didn't care to then but laterÂ…..
About Dr.Pichet ,I really don't know a lot about him but I do know this. He is a loving father to 3 young children and acts as father to many young needful girls on the streets of Bangkok( Ying was one of them).
He's also a father image to me and I am guessing ,the hundreds of other girls he has helped. I think I caught a glimpse of his soul because he doesn't hide it and because while in conversation,or on the
Business of medicine. He maintains constant eye contact as he talks. His eyes are deep like a
well holding only fond memories and thoughts and I could detect no hesitation on regrets,there.
He would answer any question thought fully, promptly and completely. I just can't say enough
about him except what I said before. In my admittedly biased opinion, he is the best GID doctor
in the world.
There were so many nurses, aides, Doctors, and other wonderful people. I just couldn't list them
all here.
Just one special woman that from the first moments of concern and through the surgery, The
hospital, hotel and clinic followed my progress I think
almost as carefully as the doctor. Mao would call every day and I just feel like hugging her each
time I see her. So the mother figure isn't missing here either.
Doctor Pichet had several procedures to do on me. I received breast implants,the GID surgery
with a bowel resection (my choide for depth),and as a bow on the ribbon,lip
enlargement with injection. I am not saying this is pain free. It's not and I hate dilating. But
nothing that happens to me can ever hurt me to any degree for I have everything I've ever wanted
and needed and longed for my entire life. I don't need to hide who I am. I 'm not afraid anymore.
I am that person staring back at me from with ever deepening eyes. Perhaps the most
Important procedure. Dr. Pichet has done for me is a heart enhancement. My capacity to love and
be loved, (my heart) grew 3 sizes that day. (Thanks Doctor Suess) and thanks Dr. Pichet.

With love and sincereity,
Tamara Miranti
P.S. I quit smoking. I don't need it to be content anymore. I just am.
Dear Dr. Pichet,

I am Tamara Miranti's friend in Illinois. I can't thank you enough for taking good care of my beloved friend. I would have been lost without her and thanks to you she is alive and well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May all your days be beautiful and bright and blessed.


Katryn Cooper


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