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Testimonials 18
Liposuction experience from Dr.Pichet

Hi Dr Pichet, I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the lipo you did for me. I feel incredibly motivated about my eating habits and I have lost more weight since I returned to Australia. The lipo has made me more aware of what I eat now after seeing all the fat that you took out. You have wonderful staff working for you and I thank everyone for their kindness and helpfulness during my stay in Bangkok. I hope to see you soon when I come back for treatment.

Warm regards,
Tracey from Australia


SRS experience with Dr.Pichet in Bangkok

First of all, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the great transformation that you have done to me. I regret that I have doubted your ability and work from the website. as you mentioned, I should not believe all that was written in the news letter. After meeting and seeing your actual work thru the patient's that I have met, you have proven to me your
great surgical expertise. While under your care, you made me comfortable and treated me like a family. You have a good team, your staff are all caring, helpful, and hospitable. They all go out there way just to make my stay in Bangkok my most memorable experience.

Pingkey from USA

Good experience about nose surgery

Dr. Pichet:
Thank you so much for the excellent surgery and care while I was there. I am very happy with the rersults and have recommened you to two other people seeking plastic surgery. People have already commented on how much better i look and I can breathe much better as well. I enjoyed my stay in Thailand and the people of Thailand will always be in my heart as they were so friendly and gracious hosts. I plan on returning to see more of Thailand. Thanks also for the use of your car and driver to tour the Grand Palace. Jame (not his Thai name I know) was an excellent host and fun to be with.

Chris from Maui, Hawaii


Surgery with Dr. Pichet in Bangkok.

To Dr. Pichet Rodchareon M.D.and staff.

I wish you to distribute my thank you to the appropriate staff please.
(translated as best you can to help understanding).
I wanted to write a special thank you to you Dr. Pichet and all your staff who made my stay in Thailand very pleasant.
I am especially impressed with Mrs Mao who helped comfort me before my
surgery and as I got to know her I realized I am lucky to know such a truly
wonderful human being as her, I can honestly say I came to love her.
All the staff brightened up my stay in Bangkok and made my surgery a much
less stressful experience. Thank you for making me feel welcome, and caring for
me in positive manner. My affection for many of the staff left me sad to leave
but I realized my life has become rich for having the opportunity to meet such
wonderful people.
Dr. Pichet too demonstrated that his interest was more than business but
that he really cared about his clients.I want to say thank you to all, you have given me a gift of making my life
better to meet such wonderful people, I am truly privileged to have meet you.

Again my thanks and love,
Melinda from USA.


Good memmory from FFS, SRS in Bangkok with Dr. Pichet MD

It's our pleasure to join with you. I have never worked with as wonderful and caring a person as you are. Your integrity and sense of duty to your patients is amazing.

I want to thank all of you staff for doing much, much more than we normally get, here in the United States to make us comfortable and help us heal.

Mr Hein is a true friend and was never failing to help us in every way. From the time we arrived at the airport to the time he dropped us off to leave, he treated us like ladies in every way. I'm crying now because I miss him.

Mrs. Mao went with us to help us with the communication difference. She is just like a mother to us. We knew if we ever had a problem, all we had to do was call her, and the problem was solved. We love her so dearly.

Tau, she always made us feel special. Always arranging things for us to do, or asking us what we would like to do and getting it done. She is a wonderful plus on your staff.

Teek, give her a kiss for us. From the entrance to the hospital to, staying with us each night until we were strong enough to stay by ourselves, she is an angel. Making sure that we had no difficulties, she gave us her all.

Won, always touching and hugging us, she is so sweet. we don't get hugs like that from even our children. It's so hard to be home, where people don't care. Won cares so very much. we miss her.

Lek, Treated us each day with such care and compassion, making sure we were doing things the right way. Joking with me about boyfriends and keeping me happy.
She is so much more than a nurse. Nurses around here should take lessons from her.

Moo, I saw her face at the hospital just before I went unconscious from the antistatic, it looked so capable and kind. I knew that she would be helping you through my surgery and I felt at peace. She knows what she is doing and it shows in her presence.

Ann, she went with Kaitlyn and I to MBK Mall and would not let us carry anything. Helped us make wonderful purchases and was happy to do it. She is a beautiful person and makes us feel wanted and loved.

Mrs. Pochanee, your sense of direction and doing things in perfect timing, gave order to all that happened, while we were there. You, being Dr. Pichet's wife makes everything work right. Great choice on the flowers and birthday cake you gave Kaitlyn for her 60Th birthday. She has never been loved like that before. She talked about it much on the way home.

And finally, Dr Pichet, doctor, friend, work-horse, cowboy and my family, it all starts with you. we knew you were the right person for me, in doing the surgeries that we needed to have done. You always answered my e-mails, almost immediately and each one had a sense of your personal touch. Too often, other people send e-mails they did not write. But, you doctor, took the time to answer each one by yourself. Your sense of humor and love for what you do are what makes you so special. Your ability to do it right and your sense of making sure it is done right, gives working for a new wonderful future to look forward to.

We know in our hearts that we will be remembered by each and every one of you as all of are held in our hearts in a way no one has been held before. We will do my very best to make sure all we come in contact with have a chance to feel what we have felt in being with you.

Loving you all and still crying

Alexis and Kaitlyn
From Waukesha Wisconsin, USA

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