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Testimonials 16
Have a good experience from one patient of Australia
about surgery of breast uplift and enlargement.

I just wanted to write a letter to you to commend you and your wonderful staff on your successful job operating on me in Thailand:

From the moment I arrived on my flight into Bangkok, I was welcomed at the airport by a friendly man named Hai and taken to Dr Pichet's office. I hopped in a luxurious mini-bus and sped away through the notorious Bangkok traffic.

Upon arriving I was greeted by all his lovely staff and I was very nervous and scared as I was travelling alone and Dr Pichets staff members were very helpful, serving tea and chatting away making me feel welcome. I underwent a checkup and was explained in detail about the procedure. Hotel check in wasn't until 1pm so while I waited in the office, Mrs. Mao asked me if I would like some noodles and soup, which they had delivered from McDonalds!! Only in Thailand!

Then I had to sign what seemed like 100 forms, and this experience was very daunting to me as I had never been overseas I began to miss family back home. Like a big old sissy, I started to get upset but Mrs Mao comforted me and let me use her own personal mobile to call home and Mrs Mouth helped me to arrange a sim-card and pre-paid credit for my phone to make calls during my stay.

During the consult I was given a few different sized implants to try on with my clothes on to see what shape my new breasts would look like. To help future patients undergoing a breast augmentation/lift I would recommend to bring an underwire-free bra or two from home in the size that you want to be, and use that as a guide to help you determine your needs.

Dr Pichets staff took me in a luxury car to the Hotel and organised a discounted rate for me. Upon check-in at the hotel I was astounded at how friendly and genuinely helpful the staff were to me, everything from guides to the city, to help with internet access and faxes, to shopping and nightlife tips! Also, a tip for travellers packing light, the humidity in Thailand is great for doing your washing- you can wash clothes in the ample bathroom basin, hang them on the balcony outside and within an hour or two, they're bone dry!

I woke up to a complimentary all-you-can-eat buffet of Asian and Western foods such as noodles, soups and kimji salad alongside pancakes and eggs. As I ate my weight in luscious delights, I watched CNN from the big screen TVs and felt like a millionaire. After a half-an-hour shower, I packed up my gear and headed downstairs for my pickup for surgery day.

I met a lovely lady in the foyer who was also a Dr Pichet patient and spoke with her about her stay in Thailand. She looked so youthful and radiant and yet told me she was a grandma and I couldn't believe how flawless her complexion appeared! Dr Pichet truly is an artist.

At the hospital, after a series of blood tests, x-rays and formalities, I was shown to my luxurious private room with incredible US cable tv, in-room toilet, my bed plus a single bed for accomodating another family member (another support bonus if you
require it) and my own private balcony looking out over busy Bangkok.

I remember being wheeled down to the operating room, a drip put in my arm and Dr Pichet telling me that everything looked fine on the tests and we were about to begin and the next thing I remember was being lifted on a sheet onto my hospital bed after the op and falling asleep. I woke up to find a friendly nurse checking my vitals and chatting to me in perfect English, asking me if I would like something to eat. I decided I would like some rice and water but after eating one mouthful, I was almost immediately nauseated and sick as the anaesthetic had not worn off. A tip for future patients would be to wait and sleep the anaesthetic off and just sip water if you feel you need it.

Over the next two days I was regularly checked up on by nurses, called by Mrs Mao and given medication regularly to assist in my recovery. The large TV in my room allowed me to watch just about every latest movie or American TV show I wanted, so the recovery time passed easily. The private in-room toilet was great, although the first few times I needed help plodding along the mere 5 steps it took to get there. Also I had the best tom yum soup I've ever tasted and I ordered a club sandwich when I got my appetite back. Every meal was delicious and was accompanied by a delightful broth soup and orange juice, tea or coffee. The treatment at the hospital was first class and outstanding compared to private health cover at home.

Every treatment is different but after my augment/lift I found that I only ever felt severe pain was a few times I tried to move too suddenly or lift something heavy, and this pain was only very brief. The whole experience would rate as uncomfortable, as I found I couldn't handle showering and my hair looked like Albert Einsteins, but you could order to have your hair cut or washed which makes you feel normal.

The day after leaving the hospital I was able to go on a day trip out of Bangkok with other Dr Pichet's patients, which was fantastic, as you are accompanied by people in the same situation as you and it adds normality to your stay. After visiting some lovely temples, we returned to Bangkok to shop till we dropped! This was definitely a highlight!

After regular visits to Dr Pichets office, I was checked up, bandaged and taken care of with the utmost sense of thoroughness and answered any questions I asked. Well after my operation, I experienced a minor infection in my incision however this was easily treated with a course of antibiotics and topical ointment. A few months have passed and under-the-muscle the implants are sitting a bit high but that will subside in time.

Thankyou very much to Dr Pichet and all of his wonderful staff for making my operation a first-class experience and I would recommend his outstanding services to anyone!

A from Australia

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