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Testimonials 15
One memory from SRS patient.

Dear All,

               Thank you for the invite to this bulletin board, I hope I have something to offer. My name is danielle from USA, i'm 44 years young, my children are grown and putting themselves through college. I had my surgery this summer, june 10th to be precise. Dr Pichet was my surgeon, and my experience seems to be very different from what I'm reading here. I wired my deposits to Dr Pichet from the US, and was required to pay either by cash, Thai baht i'm sure, or by US travelers checks. Dr Pichet would not take a credit card, because of the risk of having the charges reversed. I think we all know that surgery doesn't fix everything. We cannot escape from ourselves, no matter what we do to our bodies. Regardless of the surgical outcome, some people just are not happy people. Me being me, I landed in Bangkok around 1:30am, my luggage didn't arrive, i irresponcibly didn't have one Thai baht on me. Dr Pichet made! my hotel reservations before i arrived, so i didn't worry, but don't much anyway. Someone came over to me and asked me if I was danielle, and asked me to follow. I was put into a cab, the driver was handed money and papers, and i was taken to my hotel. The cab to the hotel was paid for by Dr Pichet. My reservation was there. I paid with my debit card which is automatically converted into Thai baht. The next morning i recieved a call from the doctors office and was told what time i was being picked up. I was taken to the clinic and introduced to the doctor and we spent a long time discussing all the procedures and cost. There was no surprises with the cost, and the doctor was more than thorough. When he wouldn't take a debit card, his staff assisted me in making overseas calls on his cell phone so I could arrainge for the bank to release $7000.00, which they did. I was taken to the airport and picked up my bags, I went to the hospital after i got my bags and w! as settled into my room. The staff did not speak much english, but some knew enough so I could communicate sufficiently. It was a public hospital, and the staff was awesome. Had I had someone with me, they could have stayed in the room with meals, I'm pretty sure at no extra charge. The surgery went great. srs is not a painful event, breast implants are. They bind you so tight it was hard to breath, but it passed of course. I had a 24 hour live in assistant that was at my beck and call. She didn't speak english, but we got along great and had fun communicating and watching "thai cinema", soap operas. I was out of bed and walking the day after surgery, holding 4 drains and my "bladder" in a plastic bag, I strolled the hospital. The nurses said were quite amazed that i wanted to walk, but i wasn't in any pain, not all doped up on pain killers. actually sitting was the most painful because of the drains. The second! day after surgery i would sit at the nurses station and use the internet, chat with friends, email, joke with the staff and whoever came out of the elevator, i had so much fun, the staff really got a kick out of me. The hospital did have a representative that spoke excellant english for the english foreign patients, very helpful. Here's a good one, being a vegetarian, i had a problem getting something i could eat, i needed protein. Dr Pichets staff would order me vegetarian food from the Vegetarian Cottage, a world famous vegetarian restaurant and deliver it several time a day, no extra charge to me! Dr Pichets staff would pick me up at the hotel every morning and take me to the clinic. I would be checked by the doctor, my wounds cleaned and changed everyday, morning and late afternoon. His wife is the clinic manager and always kept me well fed. The surgery price included everything except the hotel, which I paid about $33.00/night,and then changed to a different ho! tel because i liked the location better and it was only 800 baht per night. It had cable, remote, a/c, combination safe in the room, refrigerator, and was pretty clean. The hotel staff was so friendly and alot of them wanted to call on me to hang out, even though we didnt speak the same language. Never did they expect me to pay for anything of theirs, they just wanted to be friends. after a few days after getting out of the hospital, i was asked if i wanted to go site seeing, or shopping, or whatever. Dr Pichet had one of his hired drivers take me and others anywhere we wanted, he paid for it all. I would tip his drivers 100 baht for taking me everywhere, carrying my bags, paying 1 baht for the restrooms in the malls. One could not ask for better care. All medical supplies, like gause, lubricants, dialation kit, whatever, was all included and i was never asked for anymore money once i paid. In fact, Dr Pichet said if I wanted to buy a much thinner ! panty liner than the ones he supplied, he would re-imburse me for the cost. How awesome is that? I found the thai people totally open and friendly. They just absolutely love it when you say hello to them first in thai. I ate tons of fruit from the local vendors on the streets, and they got to know me and were just wonderful. My experience in bangkok with Dr Pichet and his family was the best experience i've ever had in my life. I never felt so loved, welcome, accepted, and so well protected. Dr Pichet and I became very good friends and spent alot of time hanging out talking, eating, and he told me he creates a barrier around his patients to protect them, and he did, and more. I became very close with all his staff and his 3 children. My experience in Thailand was so wonderful, i'm buying a one-way ticket back in january. I never felt more at home anywhere in my life. Leaving Thailand after this experience was unbelievable. I said goodbye to him and his staff around 10 pm because i had a 1am flight. his whole staff was there because i was leaving at that time. I'm talking 10 at night! The whole staff walked me out to the car, I made it into the cab without crying, Mr.Hai, my driver and now very good friend put the car in gear and i lost it. I cried all the way to the airport, cried all the way to Seoul, cried all the way to San Francisco, and cried for months after whenever anyone asked me about Thailand. Just a note here, my surgery went perfect without a hitch. My vagina is functioning great, looks totally awesome, like i was born with it. my breasts are magnificent, my nose is perfect, and i'm really glad i asked him to shorten the width of the space between my nose and upper lip. Dr Pichet is an awesome surgeon, a real man of his word, totally conciencious and has his patients well being as priority number one! . I was never ripped off, noone tried to, january when i board that plane for bangkok, i'm going home.

peace and love, danielle

Deanna from Australia.

Dear Dr Pichet and all of your wonderful kind and caring staff.

      I would like to express my Sincere Thanks For the manner of Treatment and Care you provided during my Recent Breast Enlargement Surgery. I am very happy with the size and shape of my new breasts. They are in proportion with my figure and look very pretty. They are still a little swollen and bruised of course but as you know; my recovery was swift and I was back at work a week after my operation. Kevin and I enjoyed our time in Bangkok. Thank You Dr for the loan of your golf clubs and for all other services you provided us. The hotel was lovely and the Gym was more than adequate for Kevin to Train effectively.
We hope to return to visit you all in six months time.
Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and a prosperous New Year

Deanna from Australia.


Experience about my tummy tuck surgery from tAustralian patient.

Dear Dr. Pichet

I wanted to thank you once again for such a beautiful stomach. Also I wanted to thank you and your staff for being so nice and friendly and making me feel at home in your country. I had a wonderful time despite any pain (smile).

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else that wanted surgery. I really enjoyed meeting you all. You are a lovely caring man and an excellent surgeon.

Hope to see you in the future. Take care

Susan from Australia


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