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Testimonials 13
Fondest Love.

My arrival in Bangkok was clouded by nerves and I suppose fear of the
unknown,I had researched for my trip exstensively, but even that work had
not calmed my fears about what I was going to have done.

All that worry and anticipation just melted away when the following morning
I was greeted at the door of Dr Pichet's consulting rooms by smiling faces
immediately I felt I had made the right decision, Dr Pichet's staff were
wonderful. I was ushered upstairs to be seated in a very comfortable
area,where the laborious task of form filling was carried out with ease, and
with the help of a sweet Thai nurse, was completed very quickly.

Shortly after Dr Pichet arrived, he carried out a very thourough
consultation, and what impressed me most was his honesty, he covered every
aspect of what I was about to have done, for every positive aspect he
pointed out what the negative could be.

By this time I was very comfortable with Dr Pichet and knew I wanted to go

I was then taken by car to the Hospital, where in the matter of a half an
hour I had an ECG, chest X-ray, blood pressure, blood tests the lot, then
taken to a private room. I couldn't believe the efficiency of the hospital
and its staff.

Later that day I was taken down for surgery, Mrs Mao (Dr Pichet's right hand
woman) accompanied me all the way to the doors of the theatre, giving me
words of comfort and support, for which I thank her.


I remember waking some time later, in pain and not sure where I was, Mrs Mao
was still there and stayed until I was fully awake.

The care in the hospital was amazing, I wanted pain relief, the nurse could
not give me any until I had eaten, which I was finding difficult, so she sat
with me and literally spoon fed me, then gave me the pain relief.

I am now back home in the UK, 3 weeks since my operation, feeling wonderful,
and with wonderful memories of meeting and being cared for by true
profesionals, people who take a pride in their work, and treat you with
respect and graciousness.

I know at some time in the future I will return to Dr Pichet for further
work, he is superb at what he does. I want to take this time to thank both
him and his staffs for everything they have done for me, I will never be
able to thank you enough.

Fondest Love, Ella. xx



Turn darkness to light up happiness.

More 6 inches depth vaginoplasty with SRS and scrotal skin graft technique.

"Please, do not mind that I don't send photos of the lower part of my body
to you. However, you can be sure that your work was excellent (the vaginal
depth is more than 6 inches). For me, you are the good surgeon and, at the
same time, a wonderful physician. I'm proud to know you. Meanwhile, my
official name change was approved. Now, I'm Dr. Vivian. More and more, my
soul spreads through my body. I look into the mirror and know, here I am.
That's me. It is incredible.

Kind regards, also to your staff,
Vivian , M.D., Ph.D. from Germany

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