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Surgery at Dr. Pichet’s

is more than just surgery…. It is worldclass care, compassion, curtesy without limits and an interest in you as a person, not just a patient, that is almost overwhelming.

When I set out to browse the net for prices on the surgery I wanted done, Dr. Pichet was one of the surgeons I stumbled over. I checked out a number of other places inThailand and found him to be the cheapest – actually some of the prices I found were twice as high as his…

The fact that his price was so low actually made me more suspecious at first, but the more I checked him out, the more confident I became.

The Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok did not actually recommend Dr. Pichet, but they knew him as a Board Certified surgeon with a good reputation. The Royal Thai Embassy in Denmark said the same.

I also contacted 3 of Dr. Pichets former patients. I found their e-mail addresses in the testimonials. One wrote back to me – Jane Ducidre from England. She answered all my questions thoroughly and ended her mail writing – stop worrying, just go!

So I did – and there is absolutely no regrets whatsoever!

My son and I came to Bangkok on june 18th at noon and Dr. Pichet and his staff literally took us by the hand the minute we landed at the airport – and they didn’t let go untill 2 weeks later when we were back on the plane and homebound again. We were always being picked up by one of the two drivers from Dr. Pichet’s clinic and taken straight to whereever we might be going – even sight-seeing!!!! Never ever were we left on our own to take a taxi unless we specificly said we wanted to do so.

During our stay I received all possible kinds of care, both before and after surgery, while I was admitted to the hospital and after that while we stayed at the Princeton Park Suites hotel.

On day 2 after surgery I got rather sick, naucious and dizzy, so Dr. Pichet had a general physician come and check me up immediately and again the next day – absolutely nothing was left to charge.

When I had trouble chewing the food provided by the hospital (I had a facelift), softer food was simply just ordered for me outside the hospital. All the time my son stayed with me in the same room at no extra cost – bed, food and everything! Even a hairdresser and footmassage was paid for by Dr. Pichet! I felt like a princess!

Being discharged from hospital my son and I went out on our own to do a lot of sight-seeing and shopping. As my surgery allowed me to move about fairly quickly we started out to do end see things already on the day of discharge. I know for a fact thought, that had we asked for it, the clinic would have provided us with one of their drivers to take us anywhere we wanted. We preferred to find our own way around though.

Every other day I was brought into the clinic to get a full check-up and to get wounds cleaned up and re-dressed. And every other day when I did not have an appointment, I would get a phone call in the morning from the clinic to see if I had slept all right, if I had any pains or swelling and if the healing was coming along allright. Again – nothing was left to charge.

All the doubts I had about going to a foreign country with different customs and ways of life and let a –to me- completely unknow surgeon of whose skills I had learned only very little – let him sedate me and put a knife to my face (and other precoius parts) were completely washed away when I first got to meet Dr. Pichet.

Dr. Pichet filled me with confidence and trust during our hour-long talk at the clinic. I like the way he listens to you and relates to your wishes. He sees the pros and cons of your requests and tells you so.

Also I was very releived to see the professionalism of the Wibhawadi Hospital during all the test I had to go through before surgery – once again nothing was left to chance. Everything was checked - blood, urine, X-ray, ultrasound, ECG etc etc.

Dr. Pichet has 15 years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon and I must say, he knows his job! The results are amazing. Check out the ’before and after’ pictures on his website and see for yourselves.

For my own parts – I can only say that I returned home happier and more beautiful than I had dared hope for. Thanks to you, Dr. Pichet!

If any of you reading these lines have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

My e-mail is j-lo@privat.tele.dk – send me an e-mail and I will gladly return you mail, or call you if you wish.

Jeannette Larsen Lorentzen


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