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Testimonials 10
Gail from Australia.

Hi Dr Pichet,

Firstly, I have to say that I am missing Bangkok more than you could
imagine. I do hope I can return, as a tourist, later this year.

Secondly, let me thank you and your wonderful staff for the brilliant hair
transplant. I am very satisfied every time I look in a mirror and look
forward to seeing growth in the months to come.

I really enjoyed my stay at the Princeton Park Suites Hotel...and if I
return to Bangkok later this year, I will probably stay at the same hotel.
Thanks to Mrs Mao for her very efficient liaison with the hotel, to ensure
my wishes were accommodated.

I liaise with many transsexual women (via the internet) and never before
have I ever heard of a surgeon that provides the level of after care that
you do. This is indeed something I am certain all your patients appreciate.

Many thanks, and keep up the good work!

Regards to all,

Gail from Australia.

The Penza Family

Dear Dr. Pichet and staff:

My family and I would like to once again thank you and your staff for all of
your help. The surgery went as you said it would, and the hotel
accommodations were more than adequate.

We felt compelled to write this letter to describe our experience. At first
we were a little skeptical about having breast augmentation surgery outside
of the United States. We wanted to take a nice family vacation and possibly
incorporate Audrey’s surgery as well. After viewing your website and
speaking to a few friends and family members, we decided to go with Doctor
Pichet. Some of our family members were upset and thought we were crazy and
felt it was not the best route to take for surgery.

Well, for those that are somewhat skeptical, we are both college graduates,
Audrey being from Chicago and myself from New York. We have both traveled
to several countries around the world, and we both agree that not only were
we treated kindly and professionally, but everything that the Doctor told us
via email came to be. We were told our party of six would be picked up at
the airport and transferred to our hotel at no additional charge. We asked
for a nice family hotel and received just that at the Princeton Park Suites.
As we also requested, the hotel had an exercise facility, and Dr. Pichet
provided us with a microwave for our rooms.

The day after arriving, a driver picked us up at our hotel and brought us to
the Doctor’s office, again at no additional charge. During our meeting,
Dr. Pichet was very informative about the different choices of implants

I was in the medical field and felt a bit uneasy going to a different
country and letting my future wife have surgery, but after meeting Dr.
Pichet and asking him to let me take part in observing the surgery and him
not having a problem with that, I felt comfortable.

Immediately following our meeting, we headed to the hospital. Once again I
was impressed because now my driver was also my doctor. Dr. Pichet
drove us in his Mercedes to the hospital. Not that owning a Mercedes makes
him a great doctor, it would not have mattered if it was a Volkswagen or a
Ford truck, the fact is I personally don’t know of any doctor in the US
that would take the time to get to know you, let alone give you a ride to
the hospital, no matter what he or she drove.

The surgery went well. Dr. Pichet said the procedure would be about an hour
to an hour and thirty minutes. About halfway through the surgery, Dr.
Pichet raised up the OR table to take a look at his progress, which to me
looked fine. He pointed out that because Audrey had previous implants, she
had a scar that was just under the crease of her breast. Now that the new
implants were a bit larger, there was a slight indentation on her breast.
Dr. Pichet did not like that, so he made it right, which took him more time
and work. Once he was finished, it was perfect. Dr. Pichet went out of his
way to make it look perfect. He told us in the beginning he is not God, but
would do the best he could. He did that and more. Dr. Pichet did not
charge us more and spent at least another hour making sure Audrey’s breasts
came out as perfect as possible.

After surgery we went to recovery where once again we were treated very
nicely. From there we went to a private room. Audrey stayed in the
hospital two nights. Dr. Pichet made sure I was also made very comfortable
at the hospital, that I had a place to sleep and my meals were included.
None of this was at any extra cost. Once Audrey was ready to leave, all
prescriptions were provided as well as a new bra. We were also sent a
driver to return us to our hotel. There was no extra charge for anything.

If we had chosen to do this in the US, it would have cost over $3000 just
for the hospital, plus $4300 for the removal of the old implant and
replacement with the new. In addition, Audrey would have had to purchase
all of her own medication and her own bra. She would have also had to
provide her own transportation to and from the hospital and the doctor’s
office for any appointments. Choosing to do this with Dr. Pichet cost us
under $3000 USD. The hotel and surgery combined was right at $3500USD, and
that included two rooms at the hotel and breakfast each day for our 9-day
stay with 4 adults and two children.

We are now back in the US and it has been eight days since the surgery.
Audrey is still a bit swollen and tender in some areas, but overall is
healing well. Once again we would like to say that Dr. Pichet is the best
and truly a man of his word! My family and I thank you and know we have a
true friend in Bangkok. Bless you and your family.


The Penza Family

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