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Testimonials 1
Experience Surgery with Dr.Pichet
18 Feb 04
Hi Dr. Pichet!

     We just wanted to say hello and let you know that we have now been home for 10 days, and our recovery/healing is going very well! We want to say THANK-YOU very much for yours and your staff's hospitality and excellent care while we were there. We are pleased with the results from the surgery, and would recommend you to anyone who would also like tummy tucks, breast lifts, or ANY type of cosmetic surgery.

     We would especially like to send a VERY SPECIAL THANK-YOU to Ying and Mao, for taking care of our needs while in the hospital, and in the hotel. The food that was delivered to us nightly was absolutely delicious!! We also would like to thank Ahai for transporting us all over Bangkok's hot spots. :-)
We wish you and your staff continued Success, and we can't wait to visit your beautiful country again. Thank-You!

Priscilla, Jeannie & Linda


Dr.Pichet , his patients and his colleagues



Sydney girls performed breast surgery with Dr. Pichet in Bangkok.

Just want to say Thank You to Dr Pichet & also let you know how happy we are with our Breast Augumentation Surgery. (My girl-friend also had surgery)
From the moment we arrived, Dr Pichet & his staff were very helpful & always smiling.
My girlfriend & I were picked up & dropped off from airports, hotels, hospitals & Dr Pichet's clinic at no extra charge.
Dr Pichet's clinic is quite impressive, very very nice.

MY SURGERY - I chose to have my implants under the muscle, which I knew was more painful.
Nothing could have prepared me for the Pain that I felt when I woke. (although different for everyone)
The pain I felt was quite severe & I had to wear a bandage for 2 days to keep the implants in place. The bandage was very very tight, & I felt like I could not breathe.
When the bandage came off I felt so much better, although still uncomfortable.
All medication had already been organised by the Dr Pichet.
I think Dr Pichet is a very good surgeon, & I would recommend his services to anyone.
There is a lot of bad press in Australia right now, in regards with Australians going to Thailand for surgery.
Dr Pichet is an amazing surgeon & I recommend his services to anyone. Please don't hesitate to travel to see him for your surgery.
Everything he has said to me has been spot on.
Please ask Dr for my email address if you would like to to contact me directly.

Michelle & G @ Sydney


Breast Augmentation Surgery from one of Australian patient.
My name is Rebecca, I am 24 years old living in Australia. I am a mum & work as a dancer. The aim of the surgery was to improve my small A cup breasts to a large B or small C cup size......about the same as I was before having my boys. Not to mention the fact that my new boobs would help my job prospects.

A year earlier I had looked at having the surgery done in Australia but the costs had been progressively ballooning and I had seen & heard some nightmare stories that I put down to a lack of practice by the surgeons because of our small population. So I went looking for a surgeon overseas because of the sheer volume associated with the Plastic Surgery Travel boom.
To be honest, I had seen some of the best looking women in the world and they had started life as men.......Thailand seemed to be the centre of this industry.

After 8 months of research, I finally felt confident in selecting Dr Pichet to do my Breast Augmentation surgery. Many e-mails had been sent and the answers were always back quickly with any information requested. The beauty of the Web is that you can get lots of information on Plastic surgeons, both good & bad. I had read the lot, filtered the B.S. & believed that my decision was a good one.

I felt I had all the answers but it was not until I got to Bangkok that the full weight of my decision dawned on me. I was about to experience a bit of a culture shock.

My partner & I had originally planned to fly in and have the surgery done straight away. As luck would have it, we got to fly to Thailand 5 days earlier than planned and decided to spend them in Pattaya, holidaying. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS. The time to relax is a bonus, not to mention the additional shopping time....hehe.

You will not feel much like enjoying yourself for a few days after the surgery. About 6 days after my surgery, we went back to Pattaya to finish off the trip & I was only just starting to come good. Take a few days to relax........It definitely made the whole experience better.

We arrived back in Bangkok on January 4, 2006 to see the doctor and it was at this point that I had a few doubts. You see, Dr Pichet had been so professional in all our correspondence that I had assumed he would have a BIG FLASHY surgery.

When we arrived to do the checkups & documentation I was presented with a small 2 storey building packed with desks and staff. Don't get me wrong, it was clean & neat but small. My images evaporated. I was wondering what I had got myself into. Luckily, talking to the doctor made me feel a bit better. He is very straight forward & professional in person. He also mentioned that he was aware of this Western medical perception & that he was planning a move to more traditional premises. It shouldn't matter but it did for a while.

Within the hour, we had completed the documentation, photos & had checked in to our hotel. Dr Pichet's driver (a great man called Hai), picked my partner & I up from the hotel to go to the hospital. It was about 11am & surgery was scheduled for 1pm as I had already been fasting. On arrival at the grand Private Hospital I was met by one of Dr Pichet's nurses & fast tracked
through the X-ray process & testing. I DO MEAN FAST TRACKED! I was in my very comfortable private room by 12. It had cable TV, private bathroom....all the mod cons. It was better than most hospitals I have seen in Australia, including the private ones.

All my pain killers, Anti inflammatory & Antibiotic drugs had been supplied to the hospital by the doctor as part of his service. The hospital staff were great during my 2 day stay and the meals were restaurant quality.......even though I did not eat many of them. I am not a fan of pain & you will experience your fair share......but again, if the oral pain killers were not doing the job then the hospital nurses happily administered some additional help through the IV, plus the odd sleeping tablet to help during the nights. AGAIN......NO CHARGE.

Surgery went off on time & without a hitch. I was back in my room about 2.30pm. The nurses did 15 minute blood pressure checks for 2 hours after surgery. After surgery, you are strapped up with a VERY TIGHT bandage to keep the implants in place while healing. I felt like I couldn't breath & wanted it off immediately.

This is evidently quite common & the doctor made it very clear that the bandage was going to stay on for the next couple of days or I was to prepare to have the surgery done again. He won that battle although I did complain regularly to my partner (Who stayed with me in the hospital room during my 2 days, at no additional cost). IF YOU CAN, HAVE SOME EMOTIONAL SUPPORT WITH YOU, IT DOES HELP!

I had chosen to have my 275cc implants done from under the arm & under the pectoral muscle. I believe this is a slightly more painful procedure but I am very glad that I had it done this way. The 50mm long armpit scars are disappearing nicely and the breast shape is very natural.

The new textured silicon gel implants feel very natural & also have some good properties in the unlikely event that they should ever be punctured. The procedure makes it hard for you to lift your arms above your head but 4 weeks down the track I am improving with a bit of exercise. Another couple of weeks & I will be back to normal.

Another bonus in dealing with Dr Pichet is his assistant, Mrs Mao. She is a lovely lady who only a phone call away. She organised everything for us, from trips to local shopping centres, to transport to Pattaya (with Hai because "he is safe") and even talking with taxi drivers who couldn't find their way back to our hotel. Mrs Mao was a real bonus to us.

All in all, the whole experience has been a great one. I love my new boobs ( and play with them daily....hehe). Dr Pichet is a very good surgeon, the hospital was great and the end results justify the pain. I couldn't be more happy ( and I am definitely happier than an acquaintance of mine that had hers done in Sydney a month earlier at triple the price).

I had a great holiday in lovely Thailand. Had some excellent surgery done. Shopped like a demon for some great new cloths to suit my new body shape and met some fine people.........what more could a girl ask for?

I highly recommend Dr Pichet's service & would happily go back to him for other services he provides.

I hope this will help any prospective Augmentation patients.



Jane Louise Ducidre
      The 18th of September seen Pat my wife and I in Lincoln Crown Court for my court case. I had my hand crushed badly 4 and a half years ago and this was my claim for personal injury. Cutting a long story short, I won and received a considerable amount in settlement. Enough in fact to take Pat and I to Thailand for 28 days and for my surgery. It also left us a little comfort fund in the bank on our return home, after all a new wardrobe was calling!

      After extensive research via the Internet and other sources of information I selected Dr Pichet of Bangkok to do my surgery. I had read all the testimonials on his web site and after contacting him in person he sent photographs of his work. I was truly taken aback at how convincing the vagina's looked and was even more excited when finding out that they all functioned equally as well. I also selected him to do my breast implants, I'm afraid the ones I had grown on hormones were not suffice.
Dr Pichet recommended a hotel to us (Pat, my wife and I) and also arranged our transport to and from the airport (all free of charge). He also booked the hotel and everything was set.

      We arrived in Bangkok on 27th October 2003. We were picked up by Dr Pichet's chauffer and taken straight to his clinic.Greeted at the door by Mao one of his assistant's we were led upstairs and sat in a cosy lounge type room and offered drinks. Several other members of staff were walking about and all greeted us as if we were long time friends.

      The next half hour consisted of reading and signing declarations and consent forms. Harry Benjamin is to blame for the 3 rain forests lost in paperwork. I had already faxed and emailed all of my paperwork so a quick signature was all that was needed.
Next in walked the man himself casually dressed in jeans and T-shirt. He said I looked better in person than on my photographs. I had warmed to this man already.
Before we discussed the final parts of surgery he asked to see what was already there. I had opted for a colon cut vaginaplasty. He looked and said he could save me $1000 and get me 5 and a half to 6 inches depth with what I had already, no colon cut necessary. We both decided this was more than enough.

      We then went back into the other room where Mao had been entertaining Pat. Her English was very good. The Doctors English was excellent.
We then discussed what size my boobs were going to be. The fixed price I had paid covered up to 350cc implants. After handling the 350cc size both Pat and I new they were not big enough for my frame. We eventually decided on 705cc implants. The Doctor had shown us pictures of 705cc and when I held the implants to my chest they looked in proportion to my frame so 705cc it was.
He then said we were going to be taken to the hospital and that Pat would be staying there, not at the Gold Orchid Hotel as originally planned. We have put a bed alongside yours in the room and it will save you more money that way. He had cancelled the hotel for the first week.
This worked out very well for us as the $1000 I had saved on the colon cut had now been spent on the boobs. This meant no bill and no transport worries for Pat whenever she wanted to visit me in hospital.
On arrival at the hospital I was checked for everything. Yes everything. I didn't realise I was as fit as they said I was. After being taken to our room I was given 6 litre bottles of water to drink with an obnoxious liquid. This was to clear me out. Two hours later there was another 6 litres of water and more of the obnoxious liquid. Well it certainly cleared me out. I finally had time to sit back and take stock of the events. The room was fitted out with an en-suite bathroom, fridge and Sky TV. This would do us perfectly.

      Tuesday 28th October at 9.30am I was wheeled down to the theatre. It seemed like there were 30 people in my entourage Pat included. At the theatre doors they all waved to me and shouted good luck Jane and Pat sneaked through and gave me a kiss. That was a lovely kiss to think of while I was going under the anaesthetic.

      6.30pm and I woke in my hospital room with Pat alongside holding my hand and what seemed like the same 30 people there all doing there own jobs and checking up on me. In fact they never left me alone, if it wasn't injections for pain or antibiotics, it was blood pressure and temperature and if that didn't wake you up they would come in with trays of food and clean the room.
Saturday 1st November 5 days after my surgery, the Doctor waltzed in and said I was going to my hotel, as I was a most excellent patient. After a shampoo by the hospital hairdresser and a Thai foot massage by a gorgeous looking young lad (both provided as a present from the Doctor) we went to the hotel. Again transported by the Doctor's own chauffer.

The Gold Orchid Hotel Bangkok

      The hotel was just amazing. We both rated it as 4star. The cost? ?15 for a double room for the night and breakfast. The drinks at the bar were also cheap ?1.80 for a two-litre jug of Carlsberg and a second two-litre jug free. Pampered does not describe it fully. It was marvellous.
Visited twice a day by the Doctor and his clinic staff I had my packing removed on the Tuesday. On the Friday it was decided I was fit enough to travel to the Doctors clinic for treatment. Once again driven by his chauffer, after treatment he would either take you back to the hotel or shopping in the Plaza.

      The Saturday night brought another present from Dr Pichet. He had hired a bus and all his staff and patients were first taken to a riverside restaurant for a beautiful meal and then on to the Grand Temple.

      The event being celebrated was Loy Krathong which translated means launch float. This is the festival when a small boat type object is made from a base of banana leaves and adorned with flowers. A candle and also incense sticks are also added. You then take your Krathong to a body of water (pond, river or even hotel swimming pool) light the candle and sticks, say a prayer and then float your Krathong on the surface. The people of Thailand also wear their national dress as we witnessed at the hotel. After the temple we were taken to the river and were each handed a Krathong. We launched them amongst the thousands already there. The river was lit up as far as the eye could see. A very beautiful sight to be remembered.

      Other excursions included the Grand Palace, Teakwood Mansion and our favourite Jim Thompson's House. He was responsible for putting Thai silk on the world market. His house is kept open to the public and is absolutely stunning. He made his big brake when the filmmakers of The King and I selected him to make all of the costumes.

      Being treated twice a day at the clinic continued. Two weeks after surgery it was time to start dilating. This caused some concern; it was so painful that the Doctor had me back in hospital. The problem? 25 years of smoking. There were pieces of dead skin causing the pain. The Doctor could not remove them in his clinic as it was too painful and he decided it would be better if I were sedated. After scraping away the dead skin all is fine. Don't you ever worry about cost Jane, no matter how many times it takes? I will make you right.

      The rest of my treatment went well and my final result is remarkable, not only does it look good, it feels good. Yes I do orgasm.

      My final day proved very emotional for all. I had been there for 28 days and all of the clinic staff new both Pat and I personally by now. I remember crying on the shoulder of the Doctor's wife when saying goodbye and then having another go hen giving all the other staff a hug goodbye.
Finally when shaking the Doctors hand he took my hand in both of his and said that he expects my own GP to be slightly scared of any treatment as he doesn't deal with SRS on a daily basis. If I had any future problems whilst it was still healing, just contact him and make my way there and he would sort out the rest.

      When initially speaking to him via email, he said if I went to him for surgery, he would treat me as a friend. Well he didn't, he treated us as family and I will always remember him for that. Truly a great man with a big heart.

      My confidence has improved greatly since my surgery and acceptance by others has also improved. Pat thinks it may have something to do with my features getting softer. I partly agree with her. Personally I think it's because of the successful surgery that gives me that extra little spring in my step and I can only thank Dr Pichet for that and of course Pat for making it all possible in the first place.

Thailand, a beautiful place, full of beautiful people. There will always be a part of me there.

Visit my website at: http://www.janeducidre.homestead.com/

Faye from Singapore
Dear Doctor Pichet:

     Just want to thank you for your hospitality and utmost kindness you had shown during my stay in Bangkok last week. You can rest assure as I'm feeling much better now, although there is still some swelling but its not as tight as it was before. I will definately see you again in Thailand soon. Meanwhile you take good care and don't work too hard! Thank you very much once again.

Yours sincerely,
Faye from Singapore.

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